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We ARE Lake of the Ozarks

Annie Faulstich, Broker/Owner

Broker/Owner, Lakefront Living Realty Missouri, Realtor®

Annie's success as a real estate broker is a byproduct of her passion for two things: An abiding love of Lake life and her penchant for cultivating lifelong relationships.

“To be able to find the perfect property for my clients and knowing that they can't wait to get inside it to truly make it their home is the best part of my job,” Annie says. “When you've helped someone find the vacation home they've always dreamed of, for example, and you see that look of eager anticipation on their faces, it is tremendously gratifying.”

Growing up at the Lake not only gave Annie a love for the Lake lifestyle, it gives her unique insight into the real estate market in the area. As the daughter of a general contractor, she grew up around development and the construction industry, which fueled in her a love for both. But it took her heading away to college and moving around the country to truly appreciate the Lake of the Ozarks. Now that she's home again, Annie and her husband, who also is a native of Osage Beach, feel fortunate to be able to raise their family in this unique community.

Annie’s background in construction led her to begin building new construction homes, buying properties, rehabilitating or redesigning them, and then selling them. From being a buyer and seller herself, a career in real estate was an easy transition. But what has made her career so successful is Annie's ability to develop friendships with people from every walk of life.

“I just generally really like people, and this job gives me so many opportunities to build lasting relationships,” she says. “Growing up here, with so many fond memories, it's a big part of my heritage. I love being able to connect people to this Lake life that I get to enjoy every day. The relationships this job allows me to build really feel more like family than professional or business relationships.”

Annie was taught from a young age that honesty, integrity and hard work are the keys to any successful business. Those core values, her lake heritage, and the experience of proven results enable her to provide the very best service for each of her clients, many of whom she now calls friends.

Contact Annie at (573) 216-4350,

Stacey O'Neal, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist ‐ Lake of the Ozarks SouthView Homes

Stacey O’Neal first fell in love with Lake of the Ozarks on her honeymoon 25 years ago. For the next 10 years she returned to the Lake every year for vacations before her and her family moved here full-time in 2003.

In the ensuing years she has immersed herself in the Lake lifestyle while sharing her love for the Lake with others. Living in Camdenton, she has become an expert on the Lake’s South Shore.

“I love introducing people to this amazing area and all its wonders,” she said. “I feel very fortunate to be able to make it my profession to help others discover the Lake lifestyle and selling that dream to others is my passion.”

Anyone who is looking to buy or sell lakefront property needs a real estate partner who knows the Lake and all it has to offer. Stacey is dedicated to using all the resources available to bring properties and buyers together on the Lake’s South Shore.

“Whether they are buying or selling, I understand that my clients are moving on to the next stage of their real estate dream, and I will work hard to make this a smooth transition,” she said. “I will be your advocate to make this an easy and enjoyable process.”

Stacey believes the most important thing she can provide her clients is her loyalty, respect, reliability and dedication. “I want every client to be assured they will get outstanding service with honesty and integrity,” she said.

Whether you’re just discovering Lake of the Ozarks for the first time, or you’re a local resident who is ready to make the move to lakefront property, Stacey will match the available inventory with your precise wants and needs.

“I will help you through every step of the process so that you and your family can relax, recharge and start making a lifetime of memories,” she said. “Your dream home is out there. Let’s go find it together.”

Contact Stacey at (573) 745-0946,

Jesse Faulstich, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist

Jesse grew up on the Lake of the Ozarks. By the time he was 11, he was already getting his feet wet in the contracting side of real estate, spending his summer breaks helping with the family business, Controlled Heating and Cooling.

He graduated from Camdenton High School in 1999, and he bought his first house seven years later. After making some finishing improvements, he sold the house in 2008. He then tackled his first new construction home.

In 2011, Jesse reconnected with Annie, whom he knew growing up in Osage Beach and through high school. They were married in 2014. Since then, he and Annie have remodeled and flipped two other homes before buying their lakefront home on Imperial Point Drive, where they reside with their two children, Garrett and Farrah.

Through his experience as a contractor at the Lake, Jesse has cultivated great relationships with various companies, suppliers, contractors and governmental bodies. That experience ensures he can assist lakefront buyers and sellers with navigating the difficult issues that can arise sometimes in real estate transactions. He has a passion for the people and the lifestyle of the Lake of the Ozarks. He also has kept abreast of the local housing market since purchasing his first home in 2006.

As a lifelong resident of the Lake and a current lakefront resident, Jesse wants to share his love of the Lake with others. He looks forward to helping buyers and sellers make their lake home dreams a reality.

Contact Jesse at (573) 280-7226,

Haley Glover, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist

Haley grew up in southeast Kansas, where she spent much of her early years enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. They camped, fished, boated and skied on the shores of the Neosho River or one of the numerous Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri lakes. Eventually Haley settled down in the Kansas City area with her husband, Jason, and they continued that tradition with their own family.

After years of storing, hauling, packing and unpacking a camper, they decided to trade it all in for their first vacation lake house in 2014 at Lake of the Ozarks. Two years later they jumped into full-time lake living. “We just couldn’t get enough,” she said. “It became more and more difficult to leave the lake at the end of the weekend. Now we don’t have to, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made.”

When her family moved to the Lake full-time, Haley’s eldest son had just moved to college. But her and Jason’s two younger children were in grade school and middle school. She couldn’t help but wonder how her children would transition from a much larger school in the city to a school district in a small Lake of the Ozarks community. She need not have worried.

“Our children are happier and more well-adjusted than we ever thought possible here at the lake,” she said. “Every day feels like a vacation, and we are so happy that our children will have these experiences and memories to share with their own families when they are older.”

Inspired by her own experience, Haley now loves to help others realize their own dreams of living the lake lifestyle.

“I am committed to giving my clients the best customer service experience possible with understanding, patience and knowledge of lakefront real estate and everything that comes along with it,” she said.

Contact Haley at (913) 638-7798,

Mike Kircher, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist ‐ Lake of the Ozarks NorthView Homes

Mike grew up in Eureka, Missouri. He spent his youth visiting many of Missouri’s lakes and rivers. He has a lot of fond memories of family vacations spent at family resorts or campgrounds. In the early 1980s, his parents bought a home on the north shore in Lick Branch Cove. It was at this home where Mike and his family created many lifetime memories.

“I raised my daughters coming to the lake. I believe it was these trips that bonded us together as a family. That special bond still exists today.”

Mike first fell in love with Lake of the Ozarks in 1977. “I can still remember the first time I drove over the Grand Glaize Bridge. It was love at first sight.” He has been boating at the lake ever since.

Mike feels that Lake of the Ozarks is a very special place, with no comparable place in the United States, maybe the world. The combination of great boating, great fishing, lake front restaurants, amazing parks, and off water attractions make the lake area a great place for everyone.

In July of 2016, Mike finally had the opportunity to move to Lake of the Ozarks full time. He resides at Isla Del Sol on the north shore. With almost 40 years of boating experience on the Gravois arm and the north shore, Mike has extensive knowledge of the area. “The north shore is a unique area, more laid back and maybe a slower pace than other areas of the lake.”

Mike is also a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and performs a lot of boat charters. Mike feels this extensive boating experience gives him a unique qualification for helping you find your ideal lake home.

“I am looking forward to helping others realize their Lake of the Ozarks dream. My boating experience and knowledge of the north shore makes me uniquely qualified to help you find the right lake front home for you and your family.”

Contact Mike at (314) 346-0990,

Shaunna Gordy, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist

Shaunna has been a real estate agent since 2007. She became an agent because she loves helping people. Whether it’s finding their dream home or selling their forever home so they can move on to new adventures, she thrives on being a part of every minute of seeing her clients' futures unfold.

Born and raised on the west coast, Shaunna moved to the Kansas City area after meeting her husband. They moved to the Lake of the Ozarks in 2002 to give their children the lake lifestyle, which they believed would be a better upbringing than in the big city. Married for almost 30 years, they have three grown daughters Kylie who is 28, Kelsey and Kaitlin who are 25, and a son, Kallan, who is 10. They also have five grandchildren, which means their weekends are filled with boating, dock time, school sports and LOTS of family time playing with all the littles!

Shaunna takes her work very seriously. She knows the real estate industry is forever changing, and when someone puts their trust in her, she’s committed to giving her clients the best service possible. "My clients are my top priority," she says. "Being alongside them on their real estate journey is something I am very proud of, and I go to great lengths to ensure their happiness."

Shaunna thoroughly enjoys her life at the Lake of the Ozarks and looks forward to helping others find happiness in this "perfect little gem" she calls home.

Contact Shaunna at (573) 692-2225,

Alex Piontek, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist

Alex grew up in Washington, MO where he spent most of his childhood competing in sports and visiting the Lake of the Ozarks. He graduated St. Francis Borgia Regional High School in 2016 and pursued a BSBA in Marketing with a focus in Sales. Alex attended the University of Central Missouri where he graduated in 2019. While attending college Alex competed in numerous sales competitions which only strengthened his love of sales and helping people by being an expert in his field.

Alex interned for Lakefront Living Realty in the summer of 2019. This is when he knew helping people find their dream lake home was his new passion. He also learned about the lake by challenging himself to learn the lay of the land.

Alex had the opportunity to move to Lake of the Ozarks full time where he now resides in Osage Beach with family members Annie Faulstich and Jesse Faulstich. “I always knew I enjoyed the lake and the life that surrounded it. When I was given the chance to experience it full time through real estate and with my family, that’s when I truly fell in love.”

He may be young but the passion and work ethic he possesses is unlike that of most. He has demonstrated his work ethic by being only one of three students selected to compete on his school’s sales team in the Northeastern Intercollegiate Sales Competition and by graduating college early. He is determined to become one of the top agents in the lake area.

“I have always really enjoyed building long lasting relationships with new people and I love the lake, it made joining Lakefront Living Realty one of the easiest decisions of my life. I’m here to make a name for myself and leave a good, long lasting impression on the people I meet.”

Alex was taught from a young age that with respect, hard work, and the right attitude nothing is impossible, any goal you set can be achieved. He tries to live his life as a yes man. “I have learned and experienced so much just by being open minded and willing to give it a shot.”

“I am eager and ready to get to work, to help you and your family turn your lake home dream into a reality. I can guarantee that no task is too big and no need is too small."

Contact Alex at (636) 388-1088,

Sheila Eastlick

Office Administrator

Sheila Eastlick has 25 years of administrative experience, including seven years in real estate. For the past three years, she has worked with Annie, as the office manager of a real estate firm, performing all administrative duties, including coordinating lakefront home closings, listings and marketing. Sheila met Annie shortly after moving to Lake of the Ozarks in 2005, and Annie's warmth and outgoing personality helped to forge a close friendship that has carried over into their professional lives. "I love working with Annie. She is professional, focused, always positive, and, most of all, fun."

Contact Sheila at (573) 693-1613,

Buyer’s Agents, Realtors®

Premier Lakefront Specialists

We realized early on that it is very difficult for a lakefront buyer to find a Real Estate Agent that has specific lakefront experience in an area that they are interested in. To better serve buyers, we affiliate ourselves with a number of hand-picked Realtors® that have intimate knowledge of their lakefront neighborhoods. Most of them live on a lake themselves and all are trained & certified as Premier Lakefront Specialists. This ensures that each client receives an impeccable level of service from a local agent with specific lakefront knowledge. This unique service has become one of our founding principles: Global Presence, Local Knowledge.