Lakefront Top Ten


The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Viewing Lakefront Property in Missouri

As a general rule, NEVER assume anything or trust what someone is telling you as fact …always use the “SHOW ME” rule!

  1. Does the property require flood insurance?
  2. Is there a private septic/well system on the property? Did it pass the state inspection? Obtain inspection report AND as-built plan. Confirm type/age/location/size of system.
  3. Fully understand what property/lake rights you are buying. Obtain copy of deed. Are there any easements, restrictions, shared property, obstructions, encroachments, right-of-ways?
  4. What is the condition of the shoreline in winter and summer months. Depth?
  5. Is there a Home Owners Association and/or Property Owners Association formed that is currently active? Are there dues? Obtain contact information and speak with current Board members about lake management activities.
  6. How is the lake water level controlled? Who controls it? Is the lake drawn down in the winter? Who owns/controls the dam? Who owns/controls the lake itself?
  7. Is the current dock/seawall permitted and is dock electric up to code? Obtain copies of fire district inspections and all necessary Ameren UE Permits.
  8. What recreational activities are allowed/not allowed on the lake? Confirm with town and/or Association. Obtain copy of current lake rules and regulations.
  9. Are there any known defects in or around the property? Have the current homeowners completed any upgrades? Was the work permitted? Obtain sellers disclosure form.
  10. Is the property priced correctly? Have your Agent complete a current comparative market analysis (CMA).

Have questions on this list? Remember, when you work with The Lake Team Buyer Agents, we answer ALL these questions for any lakefront home you are considering. These are just the top 10 questions…be sure to ask us about the full 37-point property questionnaire that will alert you of any red flags on your future dream home!