Meet the Lake Team


"The Lake Team" is designed to provide lakefront buyers and sellers the most knowledgeable and experienced representation in the industry.

Scott Freerksen, “The Lake Guy”

Broker/Owner, Lakefront Living Realty, LLC

Listing Agent, Realtor®

Scott “The Lake Guy” Freerksen is the only dedicated lakefront listing specialist focused on all the New England states. Since creating the lakefront property niche in 2003, Scott has sold more lakefront homes than any other Agent in the state. Scott lives and sells the lakefront lifestyle and takes pride in getting his clients maximum value with minimum hassle. When hiring Scott as your listing agent, you will receive: access to thousands of registered lakefront buyers, dedicated Featured Listing web pages, exposure to nationwide lakefront property websites, accompanied showings, lakefront knowledge & experience, constant communication and a proven track record of quicker lakefront sales and maximum values. "Buyers are buying a lifestyle, not just a house," Scott explains, "your listing agent needs to present your home in a way that takes advantage of that lifestyle."

Contact Scott at (508) 377-7167 or

Rick Stockhaus, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist

For over 38 years, Rick has been involved in the Real Estate scene as a business owner, landlord, construction supervisor, loan officer and developer. All his life he has experienced the waterfront lifestyle and most recently built another waterfront home on Ramshorn Pond where he now resides. His expertise and vast knowledge of Real Estate and financing make Rick an ideal choice to assist buyers and sellers of lakefront property.

When considering “Living on the Edge”, contact Rick at (508) 612-5783 or

Fern A. Nissim, Realtor®

Lakefront Specialist

Fern combines her decades of award-winning experience in marketing with her expertise in real estate for Lakefront Living Realty. Her current activities have established her as an expert in her own marketing company. She brings her experience in commercial and residential real estate and her lifelong love of lakefront living. Over the past 25 years Fern has owned, redesigned and built many lakefront homes. She currently lives on Lake Quinsigamond with her husband Robert, a naturalist and environmental engineer. Fern has a unique perspective on lakefront living in Central Mass and will guide you through the process to find the home of your dreams.

Contact Fern at (508) 769-9661 or

Ed Richman, Realtor®

Connecticut Lakefront Specialist

Ed has spent decades successfully developing and managing real estate and retail businesses. His extensive hands-on knowledge specifically dedicated to all aspects of the world of home design, has fruited thousands of satisfied clients. Ed’s philosophy of maintaining a state of the art status within one’s field is well fit to the Lakefront Living Realty concept.

As a child, Ed had experienced and lived the lake lifestyle on numerous lakes around Connecticut. He owned a water front lake house in Amston, Connecticut for 16 years, and is again actively seeking property to share this amazing lifestyle with his grandkids. Please contact Ed for his expertise and enthusiasm in helping you live the Lakefront Lifestyle on your favorite Connecticut Lake.

Contact Ed at (860) 209-7620 or

Tammy Reed


Lakefront Living Realty's Administrative Assistant

Contact Tammy at (603) 313-6734 or

Buyer’s Agents, Realtors®

Premier Lakefront Specialists

We realized early on that it is very difficult for a lakefront buyer to find a Real Estate Agent that has specific lakefront experience in an area that they are interested in. To better serve buyers, we affiliate ourselves with a number of hand-picked Realtors® that have intimate knowledge of their lakefront neighborhoods. Most of them live on a lake themselves and all are trained & certified by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy” as Premier Lakefront Specialists. This ensures that each client receives an impeccable level of service from a local agent with specific lakefront knowledge. This unique service has become one of our founding principles: Global Presence, Local Knowledge.