Lake Monomonac


Lake Monomonac

Town(s): Rindge NH
County: Cheshire

Size: 594 acres
Average Depth: 10 feet
Maximum Depth: 22 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Power Boats, Jet-skis, State & Local Rules & Regulations Apply
Swimming: Unknown

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There’s something peculiarly magical about Lake Monomonac. Whether it’s the mesmerizing view of the birds gliding over the lake or the mixture of white and colorful sails billowing from the sailboats as they float atop the water, we can’t say for sure. But there is definitely one thing that we’re sure of, and that is that Lake Monomonac is a great option for a weekend getaway. Lake Monomonac is a freshwater lake that is completely natural. It’s one of New Hampshire’s smaller or moderately sized lakes, having a surface area of 711 acres, and is situated within a national forest. This lake is also a great option for people from Massachusetts, given its proximity to Boston.

Lake Monomonac is an artificial lake that straddles the border between Rindge, New Hampshire and Winchendon, Massachusetts. It was created from a small pond in New Hampshire by the construction of dams on the North Branch of the Millers River, a part of the Connecticut River watershed.

Lake Monomonac is 594 acres (240 ha) in size with 410 acres (170 ha) in New Hampshire and the remaining 184 acres (74 ha) in Massachusetts. The lake has a maximum recorded depth of twenty-five feet and an average depth of ten feet.

Lake Monomonac is the largest of the "great ponds" containing 710 acres and is one of the few interstate lakes in MA, sharing approximately 1/2 of its water line with Rindge NH. A unique feature of the lake is the imposing bow of the ship, the "Santa Maria" facing northward up the main body of the lake. Built in 1942 of rock and concrete, it is a bit of whimsy by a priest, Father Wilfred A. Tisdale, as a vacation retreat and to display and enjoy his collection of rare works of art of genuine museum quality.

Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species:

Boat Access: Unknown
Ramp Comments: ACCESS: Paved, park 5-6 trailers,adequate turnaround.
Parking Spaces: Unknown

Directions: Directions: Rt 202 to marina access.
Shoreline Development: Unknown