Gregg Lake


Gregg Lake

Town(s): Antrim NH
County: Hillsborough

Size: 201 acres
Average Depth: 20 feet
Maximum Depth: 35 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Power Boats, Jet-skis, State & Local Rules & Regulations Apply
Boating Comments: Skicraft operation restricted to "no greater than headway speed" in the portion starting in the area known as the Meadows and extending to the area known as the Narrows, extending to a point approximately 500 feet south of Camp Birchmere effective 8/30/89. SAF-C 402.31 - (a) Motorboats shall be limited to 150 HP or less on Gregg Lake. (b) All water skiing on Gregg Lake shall be in a counter-clockwise direction at all times.
Swimming: Swimming Allowed, No Restrictions

Gregg Lake is a warm water fishery.  Visitors may park in the lot next to the Antrim Town beach.  The lake, which feeds into the Great Brook, which in turn feeds the Contoocook River, is thus far free of invasive non-native nuisance species, including milfoil, horse chestnut, fanwort and others.. The Town Beach and adjacent parking areas are open to the public from dawn to one hour after sunset. Directions The Town Beach and Boat Launch are located on Gregg Lake Road, which runs off Route 31 (Clinton Road) just north of Clinton Village.  The parking lot is situated between the Beach and the Boat Launch. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there is a permit required for parking your car in the beach lot. This permit is free to Antrim Residents, and there is a small day fee for non residents, or a season pass can be purchased. Contact the Recreation Department for more information. The Gregg Lake Association exists for the conservation and protection of Gregg Lake, its surrounding forests, woodlands, marshlands, and wildlife.  For further information and meeting dates email Jeanne Baker at

Water Quality: No Known Issues, Town/State Monitoring
Vegetation Growth: Minimal
Non-native Species: Unknown

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, White Perch, Brown Bullhead, Bluegill, Golden Shiner

Boat Access: Access for Power and Non-power Boats
Ramp Comments: Before launching, boaters need o clean their water vessels thoroughly to make sure there are no invasive aquatic plants injected into Gregg Lake. No use of boat ramp after 9:00 PM.
Parking Spaces: 11-20

Shoreline Development: 25-50%