Shubael Pond, MA


Shubael Pond

Town(s): Barnstable MA
County: Barnstable

Size: 56 acres
Average Depth: 18 feet
Maximum Depth: 40 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Horsepower or Speed Restrictions, Other Restrictions, See Comments
Boating Comments: The town of Barnstable bylaw places a 10 horsepower limit on outboard motors.
Swimming: Swimming Allowed, Some Restrictions

Shubael Pond is a 56 acre natural kettlehole pond with an average depth of 18 feet and a maximum depth of 40 feet. The 1.1 miles of shoreline is wooded and moderately developed with homes. Transparency is very good, extending beyond 15 feet, and the bottom is composed primarily of sand. Aquatic vegetation is scarce. Shubael Pond was first surveyed in 1911 and yellow perch, brown bullheads and chain pickerel were reported. Historic records indicate Shubael Pond was stocked between 1939 and 1946 with brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout. This pond was reclaimed for trout management in September of 1956. It was reclaimed again in September 1961 and September of 1974, one of the last ponds to be reclaimed in Massachusetts. It was treated with agricultural limestone in 1991 to counteract increasingly acid conditions. Other nearby ponds are Hamblin Pond, Mystic and Middle Ponds.

Water Quality: No Known Issues, Town/State Monitoring
Vegetation Growth: Minimal
Non-native Species: Unknown

Fishing Comments: The most recent fisheries survey, conducted in 1982, recorded three species present in addition to stocked brown and brook trout: smallmouth bass, golden shiner and banded killifish. Largemouth bass have also been caught recently in the pond. Shubael Pond is annually stocked in the spring and fall with brook, brown and rainbow trout. Although it is probably the most effective technique for catching trout, trolling gets very boring very quickly on a pond this small and round. Try a change in technique: make repeated drifts with the wind, jigging streamers, weighted worms or nymphs, or worm-sweetened jigs at various depths. During high summer, the trout will rarely be found outside the deep hole at the south end of the pond, but during spring and fall they are well distributed throughout the water column. Thanks to the solid bottom, wading fishermen can get around most of the pond. As always, stillfishing with worms or doughbaits near the bottom is likely to produce some trout. Don’t overlook the smallmouth resource here. While trophies remain scarce, bass in the 12 to 17 inch range are abundant. Look for them at depths of 15 to 25 feet. Small leadheaded jigs with pork or plastic tails, deep-diving crankbaits, and crayfish imitations will all score some action. This little pond offers some exceptional fishing opportunities for its size. It is stocked with trout every spring and fall, and there is a sufficient amount of coldwater habitat and forage for trout to hold over through the summer. Brook trout have been observed attempting to nest here, and both brown and brookies taken in July appear fat and healthy.
Fish Species: Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead, Sunfish, Bluegill, Golden Shiner

Boat Access: Primarily Car-top boats & Canoes
Ramp Comments: At the end of Willimantic Road there is a launching ramp with concrete pads and parking space for approximately 12 vehicles. The ramp is suitable for canoes, cartop boats and shallow draft trailered boats. There is also a small town landing at the end of Shubael Pond Road.
Parking Spaces: 11-20

Directions: Shubael Pond is located about 2 miles south of the junction of Routes 6 and 149. To get there, take 149 (Prospect Street) south from Route 6, and take a left on Race Lane. Then take your second right onto Willimantic Road.
Shoreline Development: 50-75%