Pimlico Pond, MA


Pimlico Pond

Town(s): Sandwich MA
County: Barnstable

Size: 14 acres
Average Depth: 12 feet
Maximum Depth: 23 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Gas Engines Prohibited
Swimming: Swimming Allowed, Some Restrictions

Pimlico Pond is a small 14 acre natural kettlehole pond with an average depth of 12 feet and a
maximum depth of 23 feet. Transparency is good, aquatic vegetation is scarce, and the bottom is
composed primarily of sand. The 0.57 miles of shoreline is mostly wooded, with moderate development
along the western shore.

Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species: Unknown

Fishing Comments: Pimlico Pond was reclaimed for trout management in 1968, at which time the water was dominated by yellow perch, white sucker and banded killifish. It was reclaimed again in 1972 to remove an abundant brown bullhead population. The pond was treated with seven tons of limestone in 1982 to decrease acidity. An August 1, 1995 fisheries survey of Pimlico Pond found pumpkinseed, yellow perch, bluegill, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Pimlico Pond is primarily a stocked trout water and is annually stocked in the spring with brook, brown and rainbow trout. The small size of the pond and its solid bottom allows even the shore-bound wading angler to reach nearly all depths and areas. All of the usual stocked trout offerings should prove successful, but as the water warms in summer, anglers will have to hit depths of 16 feet or more to find the action. Largemouth bass should provide most of the action during the summer months and during the ice-fishing season. This is an excellent pond to hit during windy weather (take note fly fishermen!) as it offers more protection than most of the other trout ponds in the area. Other nearby ponds include Peters Pond, Snake Pond, Spectacle Pond and Triangle Pond in Sandwich and Mashpee-Wakeby Ponds and Sanuit Pond in Mashpee.
Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, Bluegill

Boat Access: Unknown
Ramp Comments: Pimlico Pond is located between and a little east of Peters and Mashpee-Wakeby Ponds. From Route 6, take exit 2 and head south on Route 130 for about 4.2 miles. Then take a left onto Pimlico Pond Road. The access point is a ramp with paved to the water’s edge, suitable for launching cartop boats or canoes or for shore fishing access. A small roadside parking area suitable for a few vehicles is provided next to the ramp.
Parking Spaces: Unknown

Shoreline Development: 10-25%