Mossy Pond, MA


Mossy Pond

Town(s): Clinton MA
County: Worcester
Local Name: South Meadow Pond

Size: 125 acres
Average Depth: 9 feet
Maximum Depth: 27 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats
Swimming: Unknown

General Information: Located approximately one and a half miles southwest of Clinton center. Average depth of the 125-acre complex is 9.0 feet, with a maximum of 27.0 feet. The eastern portion of South Meadow pond is connected to Mossy Pond and Coachlace Pond by navigable culverts.




Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species:

Fishing Comments: Management History: Managed as both a warm and coldwater fishery. Fish Populations: The fish population was most recently sampled during the summer of 1997. A total of eleven species were collected, including several rainbow trout from the spring stocking. Resident gamefish include largemouth bass and chain pickerel. Yellow perch, white perch, black crappie, bluegills, pumpkinseeds, brown bullheads, and yellow bullheads compose the panfish fauna. Golden shiners are also present. Each spring trout are stocked to provide recreational sport fishing. Due to its proximity to Clinton, fishing pressure is usually moderate to heavy, particularly in the spring. Fishing for bass and pickerel should be productive, as good cover is present along much of the shorelines. Winter jigging for yellow perch should result in some good creels. For those who enjoy catching and eating bullheads (hornpout), there are good populations in all three ponds.
Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead, Bluegill

Boat Access: Primarily Car-top boats & Canoes
Ramp Comments: Access: An improved access on South Meadow Road which bisects South Meadow Pond for canoe and car top boats accessibility to the three ponds.
Parking Spaces: Unknown

Shoreline Development: 10-25%