Lake Tibet


Lake Tibet

County: Orange
Local Name: Tibet Butler

Size: 1070 acres
Average Depth: 18 feet
Maximum Depth: 25 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Power Boats, Jet-skis, State & Local Rules & Regulations Apply
Swimming: Unknown

Beautiful Lake Tibet is the second largest lake in the Butler Chain of Lakes in Central Florida area on the southwest side of Orlando.  Also known as the Windermere Chain of Lakes, this chain is made up of 11-13 (depending on who you ask) lakes covering 5,000+ acres all interconnected by a canal system allowing boaters to move quickly from one lake to another. There are 23 canals that connect the lakes in the Butler Chain.  Each canal is considered navigable and averages three to five feet of water depth during most times of the year.

This chain of lakes was formed over time by a series of sinkholes that were created due to dissolved limestone. Rainwater is the primary source that fills the Butler Chain of Lakes. Wildlife is abundant in the city, however urbanized the area may seem. The water quality in the lake is maintained to preserve its marine life. 

This premier bass fishing destination is known for its incredible catches. The Butler Chain is legendary for the number of bass it produces year after year. It is ranked consistently as one of the top ten best bass fishing lakes in the country. You can enjoy fishing with both artificial lures and live bait. Wild-caught live shiners are ultimately the bait of choice when looking to catch that trophy bass you have been after. 

Other game fish found in Lake Butler include bowfin, chain pickerel, crappie, bluegill, alligator gar, grass carp, sunfish and channel catfish.  Fish species in the lake eat a variety of plant and animal life, including amphibians, crustaceans, and other small fish. 

The Butler Chain of Lakes gives you the feel of “Old Florida” with is natural surroundings, wetlands / marshes and abundant wildlife.  While there are a number of residential homes and communities which surround the lakes on the Butler chain, there is no significant commercial development. 

This lake fronts both the Isleworth Country Club and the Bay Hill Country Club (which features a private marina) both of which are prestigious golf and country club communities in the greater Orlando area which are home to many celebrities and professional athletes.

Lake Tibet has several boat ramps but they are all controlled use. One is in Keene’s Pointe on Unnamed Lake. There is a channel to Lake Tibet and you can pass through it. Sometimes it is challenging for a decent sized boat. Another boat ramp is at Bay Point Marina. It is limited as well. There are fishing guides in Bay Point you can charter. Most people that use Lake Tibet will launch in RD Keene Park or the Orange County Sportsman’s Association. RD Keene has excellent parking and is only $5.  The Orange County Sportsman’s on Lake Sheen which is to Lake Tibet’s south and connected via channel. There is also a ramp near the club in Isleworth but it is very limited use (private).

People also enjoy many other activities around Lake Tibet, including different watersports, leisurely cruising, golfing, picnicking, biking, jogging, and yoga in the parks. Notable wildlife preserves nearby are Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve to the lake’s south, R.D. Keene Park to its northwest, Hal Scott Regional Preserve and Park to its far east.  It is also just minutes from Disney World and only 30 minutes from Downtown Orlando. 

Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species:

Fish Species: Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Carp, Channel Catfish, Sunfish, Bluegill

Boat Access: Unknown
Ramp Comments: Most people that use Lake Tibet will launch in RD Keene Park or the Orange County Sportsman’s Association. RD Keene has excellent parking and is only $5. This park is fairly small with less than 50 parking spaces so this venue fills up rather quickly.
Parking Spaces: Unknown

Shoreline Development: 50-75%