Washinee Lake, CT


Washinee Lake

Town(s): Salisbury CT
County: Litchfield
Local Name: West Twin Lake

Size: 290 acres
Average Depth: 9 feet
Maximum Depth: 22 feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Power Boats, Jet-skis, State & Local Rules & Regulations Apply
Swimming: Swimming Allowed, No Restrictions

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Washinee Lake is located in the town of Salisbury and is a natural lake in the Housatonic River Drainage Basin. The water level has been slightly raised by a small earthen dam, The lake is connected to East Twin Lake by a culvert with about 3 ft. of clearance. The watershed is 4,575 acres of mostly woods and wetland with some residential development. It is fed by bottom springs, two marshes, a small brook and water from East Twin Lake. It drains northward into Schenob Brook, a tributary of the Housatonic River. The shoreline is mostly wooded with some residences concentrated on the northern shore. A large open marsh is located on the western shore and an abandoned railroad bed crosses the lake.

The transparency of the lake is clear with visibility of 10 ft. in the summer. The bottom of the lake varies from rock, rubble, sand and gravel to mud and organic muck. The fishing should be good to excellent for pickerel, crappie, rock bass and sunfish; and fair for bass and perch.

Water Quality: No Known Issues
Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species: Unknown

Fishing Comments: Should be good to excellent for pickerel, crappie, rock bass and sunfish.
Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead, Sunfish, Bluegill, Golden Shiner

Boat Access: Access for Power and Non-power Boats
Ramp Comments: There is no public boat launching area, but canoes and smaller boats can pass under the road crossing from East Twin Lake.
Parking Spaces: None

Shoreline Development: 50-75%