Manitook Lake, CT


Manitook Lake

Town(s): Granby CT
County: Hartford

Size: 54 acres
Average Depth: feet
Maximum Depth: feet

Boating Allowed: Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats, Electric Motor Boats, Power Boats, Jet-skis, State & Local Rules & Regulations Apply
Swimming: Swimming Allowed, No Restrictions

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Manitook Lake is naturally fed by a stream that enters at the north end after running through an active sand and gravel pit. Water flows out of the lake through the long, shallow channel to the south. A now-closed municipal landfill sits on a wooded slope above the east side of the lake, and homes have been built on the western side. Residents in this area are members of a lake association that prohibits public use of the lake but permits boating, including use of boats with motors. Association members have been concerned that aquatic plants could interfere with recreational use of the lake and asked that it be surveyed in 2004.

Water Quality: Treated Annually, No Known Issues
Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species: Unknown

Boat Access: Access for Power and Non-power Boats
Parking Spaces: Unknown

Shoreline Development: 25-50%