Crystal Lake


Crystal Lake

Town(s): Ellington CT, Stafford CT
County: Tolland

Size: 183 acres
Average Depth: 25 feet
Maximum Depth: 45 feet

Boating Allowed: Power Boats
Swimming: Unknown

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Crystal Lake is located in Ellington and Stafford and is a natural lake within the Thames River Drainage Basin. The water level was raised 6 ft. by the construction of a stone and masonry dam with a concrete spillway. The watershed is 1,805 acres of mostly undeveloped woods and wetland interspersed with some residential development. The lake is fed by Aborn Brook, two other small brooks and by bottom springs. It drains north in Crystal Lake Brook, which flows into the Middle River and the Willimantic River. The shoreline is dominated by private residences. The only areas without residences are a town beach on the southern shore, a marshy cove on the southeastern shore and a small stretch of shrubs and trees on the northwestern shore where Rte. 30 borders the lake.

The transparency of the lake is clear with visibility of 13-14 ft. in summer. The bottom of the lake is sand, gravel and boulders in shoal areas; mud in deeper water. The fishing should be excellent for both stocked and holdover trout; and good for bass and sunfish.

Vegetation Growth: Unknown
Non-native Species:

Boat Access: Unknown
Parking Spaces: Unknown

Shoreline Development: Unknown