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Why Hire Us?

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Buyers: Why use a Lakefront Specialist?

Purchasing lakefront property is unlike any other real estate. You are not only buying a lake house, you are buying a lake and the lifestyle. There are dozens of questions that need to be answered specific to any lake and lakefront home you are considering. We developed a 37 item lakefront property checklist that we use with all our Buyer clients to ensure a surprise-free transaction. Not to mention, we negotiate on your behalf and coach you through the entire process - right to closing.

What is a Buyer’s Agent? A Buyer Agents represent YOUR best interests…for FREE! Remember, if you work directly with the listing agent, they do NOT represent you, they represent the seller! Lucky for you, the seller pays our fee and you get the benefit of our decades of lakefront purchasing knowledge. We suggest ALWAYS buying a lakefront property with representation…especially agents with lakefront experience.

We help more buyers purchase lakefront property than any other Realtors® in New England. Here are the Top 6 Reasons why lakefront buyers choose to use our FREE REPRESENTATION:

  1. KNOWLEDGE: We live the lakefront lifestyle ourselves and understand the intimate details of lakes & properties in the area. We understand the right questions to ask, the most common pitfalls, and deploy the most effective strategies possible to make the most of your dream lakefront home purchase. Our "Keys to Buying Lakefront Property" seminar continues to set the standard for future lakefront property buyers.
  2. CONVENIENCE: We pride ourselves on obtaining a deep understanding of your lakefront home wants and needs. We become your "Personal Lakefront Assistant" saving you time by qualifying homes in advance and pre-screening locations to ensure they meet your needs. With one call, we complete the "discovery and due diligence" phase of any property that interests you.
  3. EXPERIENCE: Water quality, aquatic vegetation, lake management techniques, lake associations, watershed runoff, market conditions, etc. These are the items we live and breathe every day. Use our experience to your advantage. We prepare you to make the most educated decisions possible.
  4. PASSION: We believe there are only two kinds of people in this world: Those who live on lakes, and those who want to live on lakes. We cannot think of a better use of our time than to help others experience the lakefront living lifestyle. This is all we do; all day, every day. LakefrontLiving.com was developed from this passion… it is the ONLY site that provides quick and easy searches of DIRECT lakefront property and lake details in New England.
  5. NO COST: All this knowledge and experience is available to you at no cost. The Seller of the property pays for our time, you get all the benefits. Remember, the Seller's agent works for the seller and represents their best interests. As your Buyer Agent, we represent your best interests and negotiate on your behalf. NEVER enter into a lakefront real estate deal without being represented.
  6. FREE KAYAK: Start your lakefront life in style. When you choose us as your Buyer’s Agent, we provide you with a new kayak at closing. But you MUST get us involved early in the process. Ask for details during our first meeting as restrictions apply.

So what is the first step? Fill out our "Dream Lakefront Home" Form. Communicate your wants & needs in 3 minutes or less!

To view and print a Lakefront Buyers Brochure, click here